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1701 N. Reserve St.



**** SUMMER SPECIAL -- Sign your lease for this property by the end of June and get your first month of rent (August) is free! ****

This 5 bedroom home is available for rent as of August 2017. There is a 6th smaller room that can be made into another bedroom if interested. This is in the Ball State area. 

Rent is $250/ month per person

Deposit is $1250

Tenants will pay all utilities for this property. Gas, electric, water, and sewage. 


This house also shares a pool with the house next door! ( you are not responsible for up-keep)

If you are interested in this cute house for next August give the office a call to set up an appointment! 


Useful Info

  • $250 / person
  • $1250
  • 5
  • 2
  • August 2017
1416 W. Bethel Ave - BSU AREA
722 N Reserve

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